Rear bumper protector

Stepwise installation procedure of rear bumper protectors

Car owners are becoming extremely conscious about their cars today. They do not mind spending money on door protectors, rear bumper protectors and other car accessories to give their vehicles additional safety against low impact damages. But it becomes confusing for most car owners to understand the installation procedure of different types of car accessories. Thus, the outcome that they get fails to meet their expectations.

We have compiled here the guidelines of installing stick-on rear bumper protector. Read further-

  • Arranging the utilities

Arrange all the tools that you will require for installing rear bumper protector. The primary ones among them include a bumper guard cutter, markers, masking tape and measuring tape.

  • Preparing for installation

You need to follow an elaborate procedure before the installation of the bumper guard. Start your project by exposing the bumper guard to heat so that it becomes flexible and gets easily installable. You must simultaneously clean the surface of the rear bumper so that loose dirt and debris are removed. Also, dry the surface properly. These two steps will make the bumper protector stick on to the surface more firmly.

  • Identify the exact position

Now you need to decide exactly which part of the rear bumper is more prone to rubbing and collision. Perhaps it is understood that you will install the rear bumper guard right at this position. A tip here is that place the measuring tape at the middle of the license plate touching the ground where your car is garaged. The whole area throughout which the measuring tape remains attached to your car’s body is the place of installation of the rear bumper protector.

  • The installation phase

During this phase, you need to mark the area of installation of the rear bumper guard. However, before that you must point the area with the marker to avoid mistakes. Always focus on the accurate height and position. You can also use the contours of the rear bumper as your guiding line.

  • Peel and stick

Peel off the adhesive backing of the stick-on rear bumper protector and place it over the marked zone of your car. Start from middle and proceed towards both ends by applying very gentle pressure. For perfect bonding, let the stick-on bumper guard stay like that for hours before you wash your car.

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