The Rear Bumper Protectors are designed to provide ultimate protection to a vehicles rear bumper. The B-Bar and the B-Buf can be used for front and rear bumper protection.


Made of UV Australian rubber this smallish Bumper protector was designed to be placed on colour coated Bumper bars which only have a small area for attachment.

Most certainly its unique design provides ultimate protection to a front or rear bumper bar. Attached with a double-sided tape


Attached to the front or rear of bumper bars with a double-sided tape, the UV Australian rubber eliminates minor Bumper Bar damage to colour coated cars.

It’s appearance enhances the front and rear bumper bars of the car, looking as if it was made on the factory production line.

Black colour only for the B-Bar & B-Buf. Please visit the orders page for more information or contact us.

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