Our 30-Year Journey

Bump products, formerly known as ‘ B ‘ products, was established in 1995, as a niche manufacturer of automotive car care products. The owners Dennis and Karen Bindon saw a big hole in the Automotive market, when the new style of coloured coated bumpers and panels of cars appeared with no protection.

Australian Made

This opened up for a range of ‘do-it yourself ‘ products, attached to cars/SUVs with a double sided tape. No longer did consumers have to get panel beaters to screw or fasten protection to panels. Years of testing UV and adhesive qualities in the products has made Bump products the leading brand in Car Bump Protection. Bump Products proudly use Solvent Free ( Environmentally Friendly) Tapes, supplied by Emjay Specialty (www.emjayproducts.com.au)

Austrlian Owned

Tested in hot/cold enviroment the products and their double sided tapes proved an enduring product.The products have been the subject of ongoing research for the consumer, and the latest range shows the world what a Australian Manufacturer of niche products can produce. Our comprehensive range of bump products ensures every make, model and colour of cars are catered for. Made of Thermal injected rubberised compounds,our product range is a must for cars and four wheel drives that have very little protection on their panels. Each product is a /do-it-yourself/ item which is easily affixed using quality double- sided tape. For more information on Car Bumper Protection, Car Door Protection, Car Door Protector, Car Protection or Rear Bumper Protector then call Bump Products today

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Choose us for unparalleled expertise in crafting top-notch bump protection products, meticulously designed to ensure the safety and style of your vehicle. With a commitment to quality, a diverse range of options, and a customer-centric approach, we stand out as the trusted choice for those who prioritise excellence in automotive care

Engineer-Tested Excellence

Our products undergo thorough testing by expert engineers for optimal performance and reliability

Service Beyond Expectations

Providing top-notch customer service to match the quality of our bump protection products

Low Cost

At BumpProducts, we redefine value by offering low-cost, high-quality bump protection solutions. Experience superior care for your vehicle without compromising your budget

Seamless Contact Experience

We prioritise your convenience, ensuring quick and accessible communication for any inquiries or assistance you may need

Trusted Reliability

Rely on us for consistent and dependable solutions. Our commitment to trustworthiness extends throughout every aspect of our service, ensuring you have a reliable partner in automotive protection

Australian Made

Elevate your vehicle's protection with BumpProducts, where superior craftsmanship meets Australian pride. Our bump protection solutions are meticulously designed and manufactured locally, ensuring top-notch quality for your car."


+61 2 95841811

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