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What car owners opine about car door protectors

Cars that have metallic colors look highly sophisticated. But it is extremely challenging to repaint cars when these metallic colors get scratched. Therefore, intelligent car owners use car door protection to prevent chipping and scratching of car paint and discoloration. Car owners give several reasons in support of car door protectors. Let us have a look at their comments!

“I remain tension free while parking”

A survey was conducted in a parking lot. It revealed that a number of car owners said that they remain tension free after installing car door protection in their vehicles. They said that the lack of space in the parking lots of cinemas, theaters and shopping malls often force them to park their cars very close to other vehicles present there. This increases chances of rubbing of the doors and eventual starching. Hence, the car door protectors prevent discoloration of car paint on occasions of such rubbing.

“I can remove the car door protection”

Some of the interviewed car owners said that the process of maintenance of their cars have become easier after the installation of car door protection. Whether car magnetic door protectors or stick-on varieties, they can be mounted and dismounted very easily. Thus, scratches and dings can be repaired much easily now.

Hence, car owners do not have to spend money on total servicing of their cars after low impact collisions and minor accidents.

“I have freedom of choice”

Some conventional car owners reported in the interview that they hate to incorporate any bulky attachment in their cars and increase their weight. But when they were intimated about the different types of car door protection, a considerable sliver got overwhelmed. They changed their opinion and said that car door protectors are functionally as well as aesthetically important for their cars.

Since the choice of colors is endless, they can choose the color of car door protectors that would match with the exteriors of their vehicles. Similar was the case of functional feature of this car accessory. While some appreciated the no-tension attribute of stick-on car door protectors, others were in favor of the rubberized door protectors as they blend well with the visual attribute of their cars. Some car owners expressed their interest towards magnetic car door protectors as they are slip resistant and do not come off from the car door in an unexpected manner. Since it is a very subjective matter, the opinions vary.

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